Here in Del Rio, we’re dog people! We love our pets and aim to make our community a great place for dogs and humans alike.  The Del Rio Dog Park is an outdoor sanctuary that gives back through community events, education and stronger animal welfare programs. We’re here to inspire change, and influence healthy outcomes. Because when our pets are healthy, we are.

10% of all money raised goes to local animal wellness programs here in Del Rio!

Raise $40,000 and help to make Del Rio...
A true home for dog people.
A place of love and respect for animals.
A city without strays.
A community of healthy people, with equally healthy pets.

Because Del Rio is dog country. And we are dog people. Let’s do this!


  • Owning a dog improves quality of life! Pet ownership is at an all-time high in Del Rio and research by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has shown the positive effects of owning a dog, like decreased depression and allergies, improved childhood development, and a more active lifestyle.  

  • New parks increase livability! As Del Rio enhances the cities livability and neighborhoods, a dog park is an important part of the equation. Improved outdoor spaces enhance the quality of life for everyone.      

  • Dog parks strengthen communities! Dog parks are a great place to meet new people, socialize with fellow dog owners, and allow dogs to participate in healthy, active socialization.