Del Rio Parks Foundation is committed to enriching the quality of life for the community through the development of outdoor park and recreational spaces in the City of Del Rio. We serve to nurture open space improvement opportunities by encouraging and mobilizing the financial support of neighborhood groups, foundations and citizens.


  • Use open spaces to further unite a diverse community

    • Del Rio, just like nature, thrives on diversity.  Through beautification and use of a variety of open spaces, we believe we can strengthen our human connections across a broad spectrum of ages, ethnicities and backgrounds.

  • Make parks accessible to everyone

    • People of all ages, backgrounds and abilities can be recipients of the social and health benefits of parks and outdoor activities.

  • Encourage healthy activities for mind and body

    • Spending time outdoors supports physical and mental health by encouraging activity, promoting social interaction and connecting people with the natural world around them

  • Foster environmental awareness through education

    • Involve schools, community organizations and private citizens in the sustainability movement to raise the collective environmental IQ of our community

  • Unite like-minded local businesses for a common purpose

    • Local business leaders are eager to contribute to a better quality of life for Del Rio citizens and the Del Rio Parks Foundation is a viable tool for contribution